Hello! Here's a brief explanation of the content of this site ........


Below this Intro para is a run down of my design philosophy. If you want to find out more about me personally please head to the Bio section. The Projects section is primarily a compilation of architectural projects which I designed and led in professional practice; initially with the international practice Scott Brownrigg, then my own partnership in Cyprus - Panos Panayiotou & Associates (aka PPA Architects) - and finally SLCE Architects, the preeminent residential architects in Manhattan and New York City. In there is also realized design work for the Central Park West Subway Refurbishment (with artwork by Yoko Ono) and also my published, academic, public-space installation projects. The Featured Project section is more fluid, depending on my most recent work and interests - keep watching that space!


For the Select Projects at the start of the Projects Section, as well as showing the final design work, I have tried to give deeper insight into where the concepts came from, and how and why the design developed - to illustrate my personal design approach. Something which is very central to my work is creating architecture of change, of movement, where forms have a certain kineticism and where a dynamic is evident in the building, articulating and invigorating the manner of use. Such architecture captures the ‘contemporary condition’ for me. I aim to create an architecture of formal ‘shifts’, both of visual and physical feeling whilst moving through it. My aim is to take architecture from what can be an exercise in containment and solidity to one of weightlessness, of adaption, and of discovery  – whilst importantly being driven by process and practical solution - creating spaces with an intuitive sense to them. 

Each of my projects is an individual, conceptual response to the program and context. I do not have a defined style or method, preferring to adapt the design process individually to each site and client. However, my approach is always process-driven and there are perhaps two things which are common to all my work worth highlighting:

- The first is that it is important for me to retain flexibility within the design process, and not be precious. To begin, it is important to ‘set your game’, define your intent and work quickly (commercial practice does not give you time to prevaricate), but within this process flexibility and the willingness to explore different options always adds to the end product, in my opinion. So essentially my mantra could be ‘explore and question’.

- The second is to develop a clear identity and conceptual driver for each project. If I’m asked ‘why so?', if it is not possible to answer in two sentences, however large the project, the concept has become convoluted, to my mind. I want my designs to be direct and accessible. 

A large proportion of these projects deal with urban and public space design, which is of great interest to me, particularly when working at very large scale. I have been involved with a number of public-space installation projects and have included two key ones which I led here; the ‘No Place Like Home’ series in London and the ‘Beyond Home’ installation in Cyprus. They illustrate for me an exploration of the boundaries of what we do as architects, and what architecture is.

I hope you enjoy a browse through my work!